We are happy to work within the parameters of your cleaning budget. Our fees are based on frequency of cleaning and the amount of time required to perform professional quality work.Our rates are calculated by the hour, and our employees are paid by the hour. We do not flat rate. Flat rate pricing fosters a hit and run approach to cleaning. “Flat rating” nearly always leads to poor quality cleaning and unhappy clients.When you do business with us, you are charged only for the time actually worked. In other words you get what you pay for every time. For example, if it is determined and agreed upon that your cleaning requirements and budget calls for eight hours of cleaning. Eight hours of cleaning will be scheduled and eight hours of cleaning work will be done, with the cleaning time documented. You will get what you are paying for, guaranteed

Client Satisfaction

We don’t need annual contracts to lock clients into a service agreement. We utilize short three-month service terms and we let our dependable, high-quality services speak for themselves

Communication and Commitment

You don’t like surprises, neither do we. We will not only provide you with quality cleaning service, we will provide the best communication in the industry.

A customer service representative will be assigned to your account and will be available to answer any questions you may have from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Any calls placed to the office after closing will be returned by 10:00 am the next business day. If needed, Client or  clean team is able to contact a supervisor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cancellation of service on a particular day requires 24 hour notice or charges will apply.

Quality Inspections

Random inspections by supervisors are undertaken at all locations without advance notice to the clean team.

These inspections are another step to assure a high quality level of service is maintained along with adherence to company policy and procedures.

Doing business the old fashion way

All staff members are required to wear company issued clothing with a company logo visible. No jackets or shirts displaying other advertising, logos, or pictures are allowed. No smoking is allowed.

No use of electronic devices for the playing of music or other forms of entertainment is allowed: We are in your place of business to clean, not to be entertained. No profanity is allowed. No mobile phone use is allowed except for company communication or emergency purposes. We value the trust you place in us.

We have a team of trained cleaning personnel having an enthusiastic, do-it- right attitude, every day at every location!

Continuity of staff

This is an industry which has a large turn-over of personnel however our aim is to allocate for your premises  permanent cleaning  team  or  single cleaning operative  , same people or person for every cleaning session. People come and go for various reasons. Thankfully, many of our staff members have been with us for years. In any case, emergencies occur, people get sick, or they take vacation time or other time off. If one of the clean team members assigned is absent for any reason, another qualified cleaner will take their place( and will be introduced to you if you agree). Your service will not be interrupted. The loss of a full clean team is rare, but it has happened; we have made provision for such an event. If for example, your office or business is served by a two person clean team and they both come down with the flu, a supervisor, familiar with your account, will accompany a replacement team to your site and will be there for the duration of that visit. You are assured of quality service. We do our best to earn your trust and confidence.

Unforeseen events

Anything can happen. If a door which is normally locked is discovered unlocked by your clean team, if lights are found on that should have been off, if an area that is usually cleaned could not be cleaned for some reason, or if an item is broken by your team, we consider these types of things irregularities. Teams are required to contact a supervisor immediately and advise that supervisor of the irregularity and what action was taken. If unsure as to what should be done, they will ask for direction on what to do.

Anything out of the ordinary will be reported to you in writing on our Irregularity Report Form. This report will be left for review by your designated representative.

At Zest Cleaning Solutions we aim to provide all our customers with the best service possible in Swansea & surrounding areas at realistic and cost effective prices.
All our staff are trained and fully insured, for that extra piece of mind.


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