Commercial Cleaning

From commercial cleaning Swansea to confidential waste management and a whole lot more besides. We take care of a diverse range of everyday tasks that are essential to your business, yet are so often taken for granted, such as ensuring that your customers washrooms are clean and hygienic.

We are committed to delivering services tailored to meet your needs. Zest Cleaning Solutions brings tangible benefits from your cleaning contractor.

Our services are about people – they are delivered by people for people, so we ensure that we provide the right training, equipment and support to enable us to deliver the highest quality, most efficient and safest solution for your business.

By drawing on our extensive experience, working in partnership with customers and continually assessing and measuring best practice, we aim to enhance your business. A clean building makes a safer and healthier working environment.

Our cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and can include a washroom cleaning programme, with regular stocking of paper products and janitorial stock. We specialise in a variety of services including …


Commercial cleaning Swansea schemes are the heart of our business in Swansea. It is where we began and where we excel, no matter your contract cleaning needs, we can deliver.

A clean office and building makes for a safer and healthier working environment and this is proven to help minimise staff absence.

Our cleaning service is tailored to each individual customer and can include specialist cleaning such as computer and IT equipment to prevent the risk of overheating. We can also have cleaning contractors that provide a washroom cleaning programme with regular stocking of hygiene and paper products and janitorial supplies.

Our daytime cleaning and housekeeping approach can enable us the cleaning contractors to work flexible working hours which have been proven to improve our motivation and retention with enhanced standards.

To ensure that your building remains in top condition throughout the working day, our office cleaning teams will work around your other staff without causing any disruption.



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